About me

As co-founder of Gudløs Ungdom and Ungdom NOAH Nordsjælland, I believe that by organizing people, we can educate and change the world for the better; No matter if it is limiting climate changes or liberating people from religion. I’m a member of the boards in these two societies and additionally in Republik Nu, a society actively working for making Denmark a republic.

Likewise, I’m a member of and involved in Radikale Venstre (The Danish Social-Liberal Party) because I believe that through social liberalism, we achieve the best version of the danish welfare state.

As president of the student council at Frederiksborg Gymnasium og HF, I work for the students’ well-being and more equality between students from respectively STX and HF. I work for bettering the Danish educational system, too, as President of DGS Nordsjælland.

I cultivate my passion for learning through ATU and Projekt Forskerspire – the latter where I do research in German and Danish philology

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